How to sell a vehicle on

This is a detailed step-by-step guide to show how easy it is to list and sell your car through By clicking on the screenshot, a larger image will be displayed so you can see the details.

Follow these steps to create an account and list your vehicle for sale

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1. Create account
2. List your vehicle for sale
3. Manage your listings


Part 1 – Create account

Register account to sell your car
1. Click on “Private Sales” in the top menu
2. Click on the link called “Sign up for a free account here

Complete registration form
3. Complete the account registration form
4. Click the button which says “Register account

Check your emails for activation link
5. Check your emails for an account activation email from
- Do not forget to check your Spambox in case you have not received an email within 5 minutes.

Click the link in the account activation email
6. In the activation email, click the activation link.
- Note that the screenshot here is just an example. You may be using another email client, e.g. gmail, hotmail or similar and it will then look different. The step to click the activation link is the activation email is still the same.

Activation link clicked and account activated
7. Once you have clicked the activation link, you will see this confirmation page. Click the link which says “login here” to go to the login form.


Part 2 – List your vehicle for sale

Account login form
8. Fill in your email address and password, which you filled in during the account registration process in step 3 above.
9. Click the button called “Login” to login to your new account.

List a new car for sale with
10. Click the link called “ADD LISTING” in the sub-menu under the paragraph “MANAGE ACCOUNT”

Fill in the form with the details for the vehicle you want to sell
11. Complete the form with the details for the vehicle which you want to sell
12. Click the button in the bottom of the form, which says “Save your listing
- Once you have submitted the form, we will review your new listing and once approved, it will be displayed in the search engine and listings on

Errors displayed in top of the page if something is not correct
- If there are errors in the form you just submitted, you will see what is wrong in the error notifications just above the form; as seen in the screenshot above. Once you have corrected the issues, you should submit the form again.
- The new vehicle will not be saved until you see the confirmation text on the page (as outlined in step 13 below) saying “Your new listing: XXXXXXXX has been saved.“.

Overview of all your listed vehicles
13. Click the link to see the newly added listing.


Part 3 – Manage your listings

Status overview of all your listed vehicles
14. As you can see in the “Status” column, the listing says “Pending approval”. This will be the case until the new listing has been reviewed and either approved/denied by staff.
- Once a listing has been approved, you will get an email from us with a notifcation and link to your listing.
15. Once your have sold your car. Please click the link which says “Mark as sold” in the column on the right hand side. This will hide your car from the listings on to avoid that you get approached by further buyers.
- If you click the “Edit” link, you can edit the vehicle details. But once the details have been updated, the vehicle will be hidden again until reviewed and approved by staff.

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