About us

ManxCars.com about usWe behind ManxCars.com are a group of people living in the Isle of Man, interested in cars, bikes, airplanes, boats, jet-skis and basically anything that moves. Cars are obviously something that a lot of us buy every so often and it has always been a hassle to find a good buy here on the island. Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely not due to lack of availability of cars, but it is rather the lack of possibility to scan through what is available.

Fed up not being able to search, filter or even close to being able to keep up with the speed new cars arrived with dealers we have now created ManxCars.com – the website that solves all your (and our) problems with keeping up to speed with the car market in the Isle of Man.

Background and site idea

ManxCars.com was finally created after several years of thinking, planning and lack of time. We have created this website to help all of you in the Isle of Man that are looking for a new car. Instead of having to navigate to 15-20 or maybe 30 different car dealer’s websites, often without possibility to filter or search for the specific car that you are interested in; you can now with just a few clicks find the car you want – and find it locally!

ManxCars.com is created and setup to be a good alternative to the UK and international car websites, so you can monitor the stock of cars that are already on the island, not having to import and go through tests etc.

The purpose of the site is to help both you as consumer and help supporting the local businesses that are currently struggling with lower and lower margins. So why not join in the win-win and look for your car through ManxCars.com today you too? ManxCars.com – all you need.

Listen to our radio spots below

ManxCars.com British voice over

Radio jingle – version #1

Radio jingle – version #2

Below you can see some of the commercials that we have had produced

ManxCars.com Rubiks cube branding commercial

One of our commercials for ManxCars.com

See how our ManxCars.com logo was designed